Marilyn spent many years working as a member of the Plainville Community Schools staff in the Special Education department, and was very beloved by her charges.  The ability to care for, teach, and guide students with developmental disabilities is a true gift—one which Marilyn possesses in spades.  Her gentle manner and easygoing nature made Mrs. Badner a favorite with students and faculty alike.

At the time of her retirement, Marilyn was a member of the PARC Board of Managers.  It had been noticed that some of our Senior members weren’t participating in activities any longer, a plan for a remedy was implemented.  With a generous grant from the United Way of West Central CT, PARC’s Aging with Disabilities program was born.

For the past four years, Marilyn has volunteered to facilitate this incredible program—which has significantly improved the quality of life for the participants.  Our senior members look forward to their time with Marilyn—almost as much as she looks forward to spending time with them.