June May
June MayFormer President
June has been a long-time caregiver to people with developmental disabilities and feels strongly that social integration is vital for everyone.
Jane Fernald
Jane FernaldTreasurer
Jane has worked closely with PARC for about 10 years, and finds it incredibly rewarding to see the positive effect that social interaction has on people with developmental disabilities.
Robin Michel
Robin MichelSecretary
An experienced freelance writer and community volunteer, Robin has a family member with developmental disabilities. While serving as a local newspaper editor, Frank Robinson got her involved in PARC. Thanks, Frank!

Board Members

Pat Gingras
Pat GingrasBoard Member
Diane Mansfield
Diane MansfieldBoard Member
Jane Mercure
Jane MercureBoard Member
William Michel
William MichelBoard Member
William Petit
William PetitBoard Member
Peggy Romine
Peggy RomineBoard Member
Sharon Corlette
Sharon CorletteBoard Member
Sharon Dunne
Sharon DunneBoard Member
Christine Sullivan
Christine SullivanBoard Member
Acton Tsonga
Acton TsongaBoard Member
Frank Robinson
Frank RobinsonBoard Member
Frank Graham Robinson Sr. has devoted his life to service. He served in the U.S. Army for 20 years as a Chief Warrant Officer 3. Mr. Robinson went on to have a 20-year career as a supervisor and field consultant for the McDonald’s Corporation. He and his wife Norene raised 6 children, including their youngest son Steven who is a PARC member. In Plainville, Mr. Robinson has served as President of the Senior Bowling League for 17 years, as a member of the Norton Trust Board for 15 years, and as treasurer for the local Baha’i Faith community for over 20 years. He has been honored to serve on the PARC Board for over 20 years. As the parent of an adult with special needs and as a Board member, Mr. Robinson takes to heart the PARC Board’s job of improving the quality of life for PARC members and their families.

Richard Ireland Jr.Board Member
Richard Ireland Jr. has always been interested in helping people. Whether it is representing employees on a pension committee or a quality control committee at work, he is there. His experience includes serving on the Plainville Schools Steering Committee and he currently serves as chairman of the Plainville Recycling & Solid Waste Commission. He is also a member and board member of the National Federation of the Blind Central Connecticut Chapter.

Our Valuable Staff

Erica Donovan
Erica DonovanExecutive Director
Erica joined PARC in September 2014 with 10 years of non-profit human-service experience. She feels fulfilled and enriched by her experiences with people with developmental disabilities.
Adam Centurelli
Adam CenturelliHealthy Living Activity Staff
Natalie Michaud
Natalie MichaudHealthy Living Activity Staff
Jo Piotrowski
Jo PiotrowskiHeathy Living Activity Staff
Alexandra Schloesser
Alexandra SchloesserHeathy Living Activity Staff
Cathy Schloesser
Cathy SchloesserCamp Trumbull Camp Director
Cathy has been the Director of Camp Trumbull for four years, and our Campers are so fortunate to have her at the helm! Cathy has a degree in Special Education and has recently earned her Master’s in education.
Kailtin Lennon
Kailtin LennonCamp Trumbull Assistant Director
Kaitlin comes to us with six years of experience working with students with special needs and enjoys planning activities to keep our Campers engaged.
Bailey Donovan
Bailey DonovanCamp Trumbull Counselor
Bailey is a graduate of the Class of 2019 of Plainville High School and will be attending CCSU in the Fall. She has extensive experience working with children, and plans to go into the social work and education fields!
Richie Conway
Richie ConwayCamp Trumbull Counselor