2019 PARC Star of the Year: Tim Fernald

PARC is proud to announce our 2019 Shining Star is Tim Fernald. Tim has
been a part of the PARC family for more than 12 years. However, no one
seems to remember how they first learned about PARC. Tim is a very
social guy and was very involved in activities at Farmington High School
where he liked the school-sponsored fun activities and going to the games.
After graduation, it was a challenge to find opportunities for him to get out
with friends and have some fun away from Mom and Dad.
Mom Jane and Dad Dave said PARC has really filled this void in Tim’s life.
He loves being part of the Bowling team on Saturday mornings, the
birthday parties and going to different restaurants with his PARC friends.
He also really enjoys the PARC staff who have always been so great with him.
Tim has so many friends at PARC, and he loves and respects all of
them. What I love most is that he only sees the special gifts of all of the PARC members.
His family says that one of the very best things about PARC is that
everyone is loved, respected and appreciated for their unique gifts. This
world has so much to learn from the members’ example. As Jane said, “I
know that I have grown so much from my relationship with everyone in this
special family.”

2019 John Sullivan Award Winner: The Office Works

Mark lerardi established The Office Works in 1986 in Newington and in
1999 he moved the business to his newly constructed building at 45
Corporate Ave. in the Farmington Valley Corporate Park. It was sort of a
homecoming for Mark as he spent a good portion of his childhood in
Plainville, growing up on Unionville Avenue with relatives and friends, some
of whom are still Plainville residents. Mark and his wife Lynn currently
reside in Burlington.
Since moving to Plainville, The Office Works has continually provided
support to PARC and other local non-profit organizations. The folks at The
Office Works were introduced to PARC by John Sullivan and Frank
Robinson 20 years ago and they have been an advocate for PARC ever
since, while providing copiers and copier services. The importance of the
PARC mission of helping to enhance the lives of people with disabilities
cannot be overstated. The Board, the staff and the volunteers at PARC
should be commended for their efforts and their commitment to those they
The Office Works provides imaging equipment and software solutions to
businesses, non-profit organizations, municipalities, school districts
(including Plainville), State Agencies and the Ecumenical Community
throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. The Office Works
printed the programs for the PARC dance – thank you!

2019 John Sullivan Award Winner: Marilyn Badner

Marilyn spent many years working as a member of the
Plainville Community Schools staff in the Special Education
department, and was very beloved by her charges.  The ability to care for, teach, and guide students with developmental disabilities is a true gift—one which Marilyn possesses in spades.  Her gentle manner and easygoing nature made Mrs. Badner a favorite with students and faculty alike.
At the time of her retirement, Marilyn was a member of the PARC Board of Managers.  It had been noticed that some of our Senior members weren’t participating in activities any longer, a plan for a remedy was implemented.  With a generous grant from the United Way of West Central CT, PARC’s Aging with Disabilities program was born.   For the past four years, Marilyn has volunteered to facilitate this incredible program—which has significantly improved the quality of life for the participants.  Our senior members look forward to their time with Marilyn—almost as much as she looks forward to spending time with them.

We are a non-profit, family-centered organization that has been committed to providing support services to people with developmental disabilities in our community for 60 years.

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